March 20, 2019

3 Reasons to Get Professional Heating Help

Here in Madison and St. Clair counties, we invest quite a lot in keeping our homes warm. It is tempting for families that have a member with some DIY skills to try to install, maintain or repair the family heating system. However, this is not a good idea. Unless you are a licensed heating professional, working on your own heating system could be dangerous to your home and those in it. 1. Heating Professionals Are Fully Trained Experienced, licensed heating professionals are able to spot small problems today that could become larger problems tomorrow. They are trained to perform multi-point heating system evaluations. These include things like checking the air pressure in the vents, looking for air leaks in the ductwork, examining the blower motor and testing the amperage flowing through different parts of the system. This work takes specialized knowledge and tools that are often beyond the scope of a typical homeowner. 2. Heating Professionals Detect and Correct Safety Issues Working with furnaces involves dealing with explosive gases. Many homeowners do not have the training to safely work on propane and natural gas heating devices. Heating professionals are trained to spot safety issues as their main priority. Homeowners can...

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