What is Balanced Ventilation?

If your home in Granite City, IL, is tightly sealed against the elements, the air inside could be 10 times as polluted as the air outside. It’s a tough problem because tightly sealing the home is important for reducing energy costs. On the other hand, ventilation is important to filter the air. HVAC systems that are entirely reliant on either supply ventilation or exhaust ventilation are limited in their ability to clean the air, and they may cause pressure imbalances. This is where balanced ventilation comes in.

What is Balanced Ventilation?

To avoid the problems of in-home pressure changes, a balanced ventilation system brings outdoor air in at the same rate that it removes indoor air. If it is set up and has had the proper maintenance, a balanced ventilation system neither increases nor reduces the pressure inside the home. The ventilation in the home is thus not dependent on natural ventilation to clean the air.

Separating Temperature and Ventilation Controls

One thing that throws a ventilation system off balance is using the same ventilation ducts for ventilation as are used for cooling and heating. In order for there to be pressure balance throughout the home at the same time as optimized temperature control, the air handling system should operate on different ducts than the ventilation system.

Energy Loss From Ventilation

One downside of many ventilation balance systems is that they sometimes allow energy waste from heated or cooled air to escape faster than they normally would. That problem can be mitigated with the use of either an energy recovery ventilation unit or a heat recovery ventilation unit. The climate in which the home is situated will determine whether an HRV system or an ERV system is better. These systems allow for heat to move from outgoing to incoming air or vice versa. This allows for ventilation while maintaining temperature.

Choosing and Installing the Right Ventilation Equipment

An experienced HVAC technician from McFarland Indoor Comfort Services can help you choose the right balanced ventilation system for your home. Our team will be happy to review your circumstances and offer solutions at competitive prices. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair on heating and AC systems. Call us today!

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