Can Air Conditioning Cause Sinus Problems?

There’s nothing quite like a luxurious home with air conditioning. However, there has been some speculation about whether your AC can potentially lead to health issues like sinus or respiratory issues. Here’s a breakdown of whether air conditioning can cause sinus problems.

Dry Air

Air conditioning leads to dry air, which is known to irritate the sinuses. When humidity levels drop, water droplets in the air disappear, and you could experience trouble breathing. If you have preexisting health conditions such as allergies or asthma, this dry air is an even harsher factor. You should consider getting a humidifier to restore the humidity levels within your home. Humidifiers are a great way to complement the cool air produced by your AC.

Cold Temperatures

Air conditioning reduces the heat in your home by producing cool air to make you more comfortable. Some people want their homes maintained at an extremely cold temperature. If you keep your home extremely cold, your nose could become red and irritated due to the cold and lack of humidity in the air. If these symptoms occur, you could experience sinus problems or respiratory infections.

AC While Sleeping

Sleeping comprises a significant portion of your day. Although you may prefer to sleep in a cold environment, eight continuous hours of air conditioning can really take a toll on your sinuses. If you sleep directly underneath your AC unit, there’s a good chance that your sinuses could become inflamed overnight.

Setting Up Air Conditioning

Although air conditioning can cause sinus problems, there are ways to alleviate these problems and still stay cool. Fortunately, professional companies like McFarland Indoor Comfort Services in Granite City, IL, can install an AC and give you some tips on how to manage your sinus problems while you operate your air conditioner. We’re also experts in anything related to heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Please reach out to us today if you want to install an air conditioner or need repair service.

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