What Is the Best Temperature for Sleeping?

Optimal Sleeping Temperature in Granite City, IL

Finding the ideal optimal sleeping temperature may not be as straightforward for most people; however, experts recommend you should maintain your thermostat at around 65-degrees Fahrenheit in your bedrooms.

Your body temperature begins to decrease to prepare for sleep; therefore, keeping the thermostat at 65 degrees helps lower the body’s core temperature. Doing so will help you fall asleep faster. The body’s circadian rhythms, also known as the body’s biological clock, are biological processes that reoccur every 24 hours to cause sleepiness during the night and attentiveness during the day.

These cycles perform this by causing a dip in core temperatures at bedtime and a rise in the temperature when you wake up. Warmer sleeping environments are proven to interfere with the circadian temperature regulation process by hindering the body from reducing its internal thermostat, causing a poor sleeping pattern.

Finding the Ideal Optimal Sleeping Temperature

To find the optimal sleeping temperature, you don’t have to shiver all night. It’s advisable to keep your thermostat lower. You should also layer on extra blankets if a cool room is not ideal for you to fall asleep. You can push blankets off in the night when you get warm.

Additionally, suppose the room doesn’t get as cool as you’d like. In that case, you can invest in cooling beddings or try putting some pillowcases in the freezer and using one on your pillow each night before bedtime then removing it when you’re ready to sleep. By keeping your head cool, your body soon follows suit.

It’s also recommended to have a cold pack or glass of ice water next to your bed for cooling off at night. You need to do what it takes to keep the temperatures in the 60s – including wearing light and breathable fabric pajamas, using a fan to keep the air flowing, and having the air conditioning on since it is a game-changer when it comes to getting quality sleep.

An overly hot room dramatically affects the quality of sleep you get since it’s more challenging to cool down than to heat up during the night.

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