How often does a furnace need to be serviced?

How Often Does a Furnace Need to be Serviced? I McFarland

Furnace maintenance is an important part of home care that homeowners must take seriously. Regular inspections and tune-ups can help prolong the lifespan of the furnace, improve efficiency, and provide a safer living environment. On the other hand, not taking the time to hire professionals to service your furnace can result in significant problems.

Frequency of Servicing

The common recommendation for furnace servicing is to have it inspected and tuned up once a year. Scheduling this annual checkup, usually before the onset of winter, is advisable as it prepares the heating system for the colder months ahead.

Here are some other factors that can impact how often you need to schedule a furnace checkup.

Age of the Furnace

Older furnaces tend to need more frequent servicing compared to newer models. The parts will wear down as a furnace ages, and it may require more regular attention.

Type of Fuel Used

Different fuels burn at different rates and may leave varying amounts of residue. Furnaces using oil might need more frequent cleaning and inspection than those using natural gas or electricity.

Usage Patterns

A furnace that is heavily used during long and cold winters might need more frequent servicing. On the other hand, yearly maintenance is enough in milder climates or homes with alternative heating options.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Following the guidelines provided by the furnace’s manufacturer is essential. Some brands may require specific maintenance schedules for the warranty to remain valid.

What Does a Furnace Service Include?

A typical furnace maintenance service involves checking the entire heating system, including the thermostat, electrical connections, moving parts, and filters. Cleaning the system, lubricating moving components, and checking the heat exchanger for cracks are standard parts of a service visit. A skilled technician will also test the system for safe operation and proper airflow.

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