Locally Owned and Highly Regarded

Even if you have a brand-new heating unit, it could do with regular maintenance. At McFarland Indoor Comfort Services, we provide heating and furnace tune-ups for all makes and models that customers in Collinsville, IL, might own. Let our technicians keep your packaged unit, mini-split, or furnace running smoothly and energy efficiently.

Locals trust us because we:
  • Have licensed, bonded, and insured technicians on staff
  • Have been serving the region since 1980
  • Are BBB accredited and boast an A+ rating
  • Are designated as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

In recognition of our expertise, we won the Carrier President’s Award in 2018. Of course, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to everything we do, including maintenance. You’ll love the fact that you can customize a maintenance plan through our Comfort Club membership.

Basics of Collinsville Heating Maintenance

Heating, mini-split, and furnace tune-ups are necessary for all homeowners in Collinsville. They prevent small issues from growing and posing as an obstacle to efficient heating. As a result, tune-ups keep the utility bills down and the prospect of a breakdown far away. Besides that, warranties on new systems may require owners to get professional maintenance, or else they become void.

While some maintenance tasks, such as air filter replacement, can be DIY projects, others clearly are not. Leave those tasks up to our friendly professionals. With a Comfort Club plan, you’ll get a tune-up every spring and fall with the fall tune-up naturally being for the heating unit.

During this tune-up, we can:
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Tighten loose wiring
  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Inspect the blower components

For furnace tune-ups in particular, we can check the flues, check the gas valve operation, ensure proper combustion, and adjust the burners. Our technicians can also identify any leaks, especially air duct leaks and gas leaks.

You won’t need to remember when the next visit is because we’ll send a reminder as the date approaches. At the end of each visit, we provide a verbal and written report on the condition of the unit. One great thing about Comfort Club membership is the immediate response you get in the event of emergencies. If we’re not there within 24 hours, the work we perform will be free.

Our Comfort Club Maintenance Plans

We boast numerous discounts with our Comfort Club plans. These include a 10% discount on both repair costs and the cost of newly installed accessories. Collinsville residents have trusted McFarland Indoor Comfort Services for heating maintenance for close to four decades, and you can too. Call today to learn more, or to learn about our other highly rated services like heating installation and cooling maintenance!