Why Is My AC Making My Home Humid?

Humid AC in Granite City, IL

Your air conditioner should never increase the humidity in your home. Stuffy, muggy air is a sign that something’s gone wrong with your AC or ductwork. The best way to protect your indoor air quality is to correct your humidity level before it causes mold or mildew. Here are a few possible reasons why your air conditioner may be impacting your humidity level.

Leaky Ductwork

Your ductwork is responsible for efficiently carrying cold air to every part of your home. If your ductwork is old or outdated, you will likely struggle with cracks and holes. This will increase your chances of moisture finding its way into your ductwork. You can minimize this problem by scheduling regular ductwork maintenance and repairs.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Unobstructed airflow is essential to your AC unit’s efficiency. If your AC unit gets too cold, the internal evaporator coils may freeze. This will lower your unit’s efficiency and lead to water leaks and damage. Regularly cleaning your unit and checking for dirt and debris buildup will protect your evaporator coils.

Clogged Filter

Leaving a dirty filter in place for too long can cause a host of issues. A clogged filter may obstruct the system’s airflow and accrue water that leaks into the home. Mold outbreaks can often start in and around the AC unit before spreading to your walls and belongings. Protect your home’s humidity level by routinely replacing your HVAC filter.

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