What Are Indoor Air Quality Monitors?

Family Indoor Air Quality

Life can’t exist without air. That’s why humans take an average of 20,000 breaths a day. Whether you’re awake or asleep, you depend on fresh and clean air to keep you healthy in your Granite City home. Unfortunately, the air in many homes is anything but fresh or clean. That’s because indoor air is commonly filled with countless visible contaminants, many of which have the potential to make you and your family very sick. To help overcome this problem, McFarland Indoor Comfort Services recommends utilizing indoor air quality monitors to find these hidden contaminants and remove them from your home for good.

Cool Science

The science behind indoor air quality monitors is truly fascinating. Most monitors utilize electrochemical or optical sensors to detect the concentration of various contaminants. An electrochemical sensor, for example, uses an electrode surrounded by a liquid that is known to react with certain contaminants. Based on the frequency of the reaction, the sensor can determine if a certain contaminant is at dangerous levels in your Madison County home.

A Monitor for Every Contaminant

Some common contaminants in your home might include carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, lead, mold, radon, and more. For some contaminants, such as carbon monoxide and radon, it’s good to have separate monitors to ensure you get accurate readings. Fortunately, there are many digital monitors available from McFarland Indoor Comfort Services that can check for multiple other contaminants so that you don’t have to keep track of several monitors at once.

Taking the Results Seriously

Once you have your monitors in place, it’s important to know how to read them. You need to research safe levels of various contaminants so that you’ll know if you need to take action. For low-level problems, you may be able to make some headway simply by adding some oxygen-producing plants to your home. If you discover serious issues, though, you may need more aggressive steps, such as radon remediation or air purification installation.

Protecting What Matters Most

At McFarland Indoor Comfort Services, we understand just how important your family is to you. That’s why we work hard to help you protect what matters most. With our indoor air quality testing and improvement services in Granite City, IL, you can have confidence that you’re breathing clean air. Plus, we can help you repair, maintain, and install furnaces and air conditioners so that everyone stays comfortable. Our five-star customer reviews speak to the level of service that we provide. To learn more about purifying your home’s air, contact us at McFarland Indoor Comfort Services today.

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