Keep Your System Running Smoothly with AC Maintenance

HVAC Technician Performing AC Maintenance in Granite City, IL

You’re counting on your air conditioner to produce cool, refreshing air all summer long. In pursuit of that goal, it makes sense to have an AC tune-up performed each spring. During a maintenance visit, your air conditioner professional will ensure that your system is running in top shape by doing the following.

Check Out the Components

During a maintenance tune-up, you’ll have professional eyes on your cooling system. If any parts are wearing out or need to be adjusted, your AC technician will be able to spot the problem. Minor air conditioner repairs are usually more affordable than major ones, so this can save you money in the long run. Plus, by taking care of problems before the season starts, you’re less likely to be stuck without AC during the peak days of summer.

Clean the System

Dirty evaporator coils can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. A professional cleaning session will remove the buildup of dirt and debris so that things will run better. During the tune-up, clogs and residue may be cleared away as well.

Look for Leaks

It’s important for your system to have enough refrigerant. If the level has gotten low, that might be a sign of a leak. The technician will see where the leak is occurring and let you know how it can be repaired. The tune-up session may also involve checking for air and water leaks.

Strengthen Connections

For your AC to operate safely, all the electrical connections need to be secure. The technician will inspect and tighten each one.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Friction can cause your air conditioner components to wear out. To avoid that, you’ll want to have an AC professional apply lubricant to the fan motor and other moving parts.

McFarland Indoor Comfort Services in Granite City can perform your annual air conditioner tune-up. In addition to AC maintenance, we also do repairs and installations. We work on heating systems, including boilers and heat pumps, too. Whether you need residential or commercial home care, call to schedule your appointment today.