Should I Turn Off My Gas Furnace in the Summer?

man working on furnace

When summer arrives, many people don’t want to think about their home’s gas furnace anymore. Cold weather drifts into the past, and summertime redirects focus toward the air conditioner. Unfortunately, homeowners might leave their gas furnaces running in the summer months. Doing so could be a costly mistake.

The Pilot Light Keeps Running

A gas furnace relies on a pilot light to ignore the gas that goes through the burners. When the thermostat doesn’t engage the heating system, the burners won’t fire up. However, if the gas furnace remains operational, then the pilot light stays lit. And yes, the pilot light requires some gas to stay ignited.

Homeowners have to pay for that pilot light gas. Monthly bills may reflect that gas usage, which adds up over the summer months. Shutting off the furnace addresses both fossil fuel and monetary waste.

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Meddling With the Thermostat

People make mistakes, and someone who “plays” with the thermostat may accidentally set the temperature to an unacceptable level. If the temperature inside of a home is 70 degrees, it will go up to 80 degrees if the thermostat tells the furnace to do so. The heating system can’t respond if it’s off, though. Shutting off the furnace prevents mishaps like these from occurring.

Don’t Forget the Electrical System

When the heating system operates independently of a cooling unit, shutting off the electrical source could be advisable. Why let the furnace draw electrical power when not in use? That is another way to run up bills unnecessarily.

Leave the Shutoff to the Pros

Although a furnace’s owner’s manual may detail steps for shutting off the system, leaving the job to a professional might be best. Homeowners may wish to avoid making any mistakes with such a critical piece of equipment.

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