Should a 25 Year Old Furnace Be Replaced?

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Is the gas furnace in your home around 25 years old? If so, it is high time that you start considering a replacement. Most gas furnaces will need to be replaced after around 15 to 20 years, so if your current unit is older than this, then you’ve already gotten as much out of it as you can really expect. Even though installing a new furnace is a fairly substantial investment, an upgraded replacement can provide many benefits to your home.

Improved Efficiency and Lower Fuel Costs

One major benefit of replacing your old furnace is that your new unit is almost guaranteed to be more energy efficient. A 25-year-old furnace is likely only a low- or medium-efficiency unit with an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of only around 80%. Even if you installed a new furnace that was also rated at 80 AFUE, it is still certain to work better and use less energy. This is simply because the energy efficiency and effectiveness of all gas furnaces tend to decline as the appliance ages. If you were instead to opt for a high-efficiency condensing furnace with an AFUE in the mid to upper 90s, you could save a significant amount of money each year in heating costs.

Lower Maintenance Costs

A new furnace will likely be much quieter than your current unit. By replacing your old furnace, you also won’t need to worry as much about spending lots of money on repairs as you often do with older furnaces. Virtually all new furnaces also come with a warranty, so you won’t have to pay for any replacement parts out of pocket if your new unit has any issues caused by a manufacturer’s defect. Any new furnace you choose will also be fully capable of keeping your home warm and toasty even during extreme cold spells, which definitely isn’t the case with many old, outdated units.

Work With Professionals

If you want to upgrade your home with a new furnace, McFarland Indoor Comfort Services is always ready to help. We specialize in furnace installation, repairs and maintenance, and we work on both residential and commercial HVAC systems for customers in Granite City and throughout Madison and St. Clair counties.

For more information on your options for a new furnace, give McFarland Indoor Comfort Services a call today.

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