Here’s How You Can Safely Re-Light Your Furnace

Relighting Furnace in Granite City, IL

When the cold temperatures arrive, it can be so comforting to turn on your heater and enjoy the warmth in your home. However, sometimes your furnace might not be able to turn on. There are several reasons why you may be having trouble with your furnace, and one of them is that the pilot light may have gone out. Thankfully, it’s usually pretty simple to relight the furnace. Below, we’ll walk you through each step.

1. Gather Everything You Need

Find a long match or a lighter, and bring it with you as you go to your furnace. When you’re at the furnace, locate two components. The first is the gas valve control knob, and the other is the “Reset” button. They should be close to each other and near the bottom of the unit.

2. Turn the Knob to the “Off” position

This will stop gas from flowing. After you’ve turned the knob to the “Off” position, wait a few minutes. To be safe, set a timer for five minutes, and then come back when the timer goes off. This will let any gas in the chamber dissipate.

3. Press the “Reset” Button and Light the Match/Lighter

With one hand, ignite your lighter or light your match. With the other hand, press and hold the “Reset” button. While holding down the “Reset” button, bring the flame to the opening of the pilot light. It should catch at this point. Wait a few seconds to make sure the pilot light is strong. Then, extinguish the lighter/match and release the “Reset” button.

4. Turn the Knob to the “On” Position

The last thing you have to do is quite easy. Just turn the knob to the “On” position, and your furnace should start generating heat.

Need More Help?

If things still aren’t working properly and you need heating repair, turn to McFarland Indoor Comfort Services in Granite City, IL. We install, repair, and maintain heating and cooling units for our local customers. We’re proud of our reputation for having dependable and knowledgeable technicians. Call us today for an appointment.

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