Does Cold Weather Affect Air Quality?

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There are many ways that wintry weather can make the indoor air quality in your home worse. If you feel like the air is stuffy in your house, our team can help you find ways to make sure the air you breathe is healthier.

1. Humidity Levels

The humidity levels in your home will probably change in the winter. You’ll likely notice you want to drink more water, or your skin is dry. You may also notice that your house is dustier in the winter, which is because there isn’t enough humidity in your residence. Your collectibles, books, and furniture can even start to get ruined when your home doesn’t have enough humidity.

2. An Increase in Air Pollutants

When it’s cold, there’s more pollution from cars, factories, and transportation, which settles lower because of the chilly air. When this happens, there’s more pollution that circulates into your HVAC system from the outdoors.

3. Heating Sources

Furnaces, heaters, and fireplaces can all let off pollutants into your house because you run them when it’s cold outside. What makes this worse is the lack of ventilation in modern homes.

4. Too Much Insulation to Combat Cold Weather

Modern houses are very well insulated to combat the freezing weather. The problem with over insulating a house is that there isn’t enough airflow, so you won’t get fresh air regularly.

5. Using More Appliances

When there’s freezing weather, most people will stay home more often and use appliances more often. These appliances, especially gas appliances, can let gases and toxins into the air, which lowers indoor air quality.

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