Winter Energy Saving Tips

An average American spends approximately $2,000 on utilities annually with at least half of the money being spent on heating or cooling the home, especially during the cold and hot seasons. The home heating costs are already soaring as the winter season continues in Granite City. Taking some time to winterize your home can go […]

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What Are the Benefits of UV Lamps?

Consumers usually use ultraviolet light products to sterilize water, remove germs from surfaces, and sanitize toothbrushes. However, there is another use of UV light when it comes to your HVAC system. UV light cleans the air which helps your HVAC system serve you efficiently. HVAC UV lights improve your home’s heating and cooling system in many ways. […]

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Should I Keep My AC on Auto or On?

Auto and On Settings – Whats the Difference? While for the most part, your AC unit is pretty self-explanatory it can difficult to understand the difference between setting your unit to “ON” and “AUTO”.  Both of these settings will force your AC to run, so what is the difference?  Setting your AC to AUTO means […]

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Why Now Is The Best Time For Home Humidifiers

Did you know that nasal congestion is caused low humidity and is harmful to your eyes, skin, and respiratory system? The healthy humidity range falls from 40% to 60%. Low humidity is just as dangerous as high humidity hence the need to keep it around the healthy levels. Home humidifiers play the vital role of […]

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How Do Temperatures Affect Productivity?

Wonder why so many employees are constantly making mistakes when the weather changes? Adjust the Thermostat According to the Room Temperature   Common mistakes could be due to the office thermostat setting being set too high or too low. Many employers are at a loss when it comes to ineffective office productivity, and why some employees are making […]

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Can a Ceiling Fan Help Keep Your Illinois Home Warm?

Heating costs in Granite City can become very expensive, but a small change you can make to save money is changing the direction of the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans serve a dual purpose of helping cool your home during the summer and keeping your house warm during the winter. As your furnace heats your home, the warm air […]

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Reaching AC Efficiency

When it comes to air conditioner efficiency, many homeowners notice that models boasting higher efficiency also come with higher price tags. However, an energy efficient air conditioner can be an invaluable investment in your home. In order to decide if it is a good time to upgrade, it is important to consider a few variables […]

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The Importance of AC Maintenance

Every machine in existence is destined for the same end, and mechanical failure of some sort is inevitable. Thankfully, almost any air conditioning unit manufactured in the past decade can be counted upon for function well for years on end. But even that much hinges upon proper maintaining of a given machine. Particularly in the […]

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Are Expensive Filters Worth It?

As you’re getting your HVAC system ready to keep your home cool for another summer here in Illinois, you want to make sure you’re being as smart and efficient as possible. One of the questions we get a lot at McFarland Indoor Comfort Services is whether it’s worth the extra money (up to seven times […]

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What to Look for in an AC Company

You are constantly sticking to your leather sofa and Fido’s favorite spot is next to an electric fan. You deserve to have a comfortable, cool home. Before making the move to a new AC unit or heat pump, you need to find the right air conditioning company. Whether you’re replacing an older cooling system or […]

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