AC Running But Not Cooling? Here’s Why and What to Do

HVAC Technician Performing AC Repair in Granite City, IL

When working correctly, your air conditioning system should have no issues with keeping your home cool and comfortable. An AC system that runs but doesn’t cool is obviously a sign that something is wrong, and this is true no matter whether the system blows warm air, stops blowing air at all, or simply runs without cooling the home. If you are having any of these issues, here are the potential causes and what can be done to fix them.

AC Blowing Warm Air

If you ever notice that warm air suddenly starts blowing out of your vents when the outdoor AC unit is still running, it almost always indicates that the evaporator coil inside your home is frozen. A frozen evaporator coil can occur because the AC air filter is clogged, the coil itself is coated in dust, or the AC blower has some issue where it can’t circulate enough air. The issue can also happen because the refrigerant level in the system is low due to a leak. If the evaporator coil does ever freeze, you need to shut your AC off and wait until the coil is completely thawed before turning the system back on. If the system continues to freeze after replacing the air filter, you will need to have an AC technician determine the specific cause.

AC Running But No Air Is Coming Out of the Vents

If there is no air coming out of your vents when the AC is running, it means that something is preventing the blower from circulating air through the system. This could be because the blower is worn out, the air filter is clogged, or your ductwork is damaged and leaking tons of air.

AC Runs Constantly But Never Cools

If your AC is pumping out some cool air but the temperature in your home keeps rising, it indicates that the system is no longer working effectively. It may be simply that your AC unit is too old to function effectively or is too small for your home. There are also a variety of other issues that could cause this problem, and the only way to determine the specific issue is to have a professional AC technician inspect the system.

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