Winter Energy Saving Tips

An average American spends approximately $2,000 on utilities annually with at least half of the money being spent on heating or cooling the home, especially during the cold and hot seasons. The home heating costs are already soaring as the winter season continues in Granite City.

Taking some time to winterize your home can go a long way in cutting down your energy bills. Here are some of the winter energy saving tips to help you cut down on your energy bills this winter.

Bundle Up with the Warm Accessories

This is one of the best ways you can adapt to save on your heating bills. Instead of turning on your heater, put on warm socks and a cozy winter sweater and turn down your thermostat. Don’t shed that sweater when you at home in the evening. You can easily save up to five percent on your heating bill for every single degree you drop your thermostat in the 60 to 70-degree range.

Remember to Adjust Your Programmable Thermostat at Night

The U.S Energy Department says that you can save up to 11 percent per year on your heating expenses by turning your thermostat down to 15.0 degrees for at least eight hours. Consider investing in a warm comforter and flannel sheets which will keep you warm when you sleep.

Replace Your Air Filters

Dirt filters tend to restrict the free flow of air to your HVAC system which causes it to overwork hence increasing its energy consumption. Make sure that you check your air filters every month and clean or change your air filters. You may have to change them every month for better results.

Only Heat the Rooms that You Use

There may be some rooms in your house that you never use such as the guest room. Instead of heating such rooms, simply seal off the vents to be more energy efficient and direct the free flow of warm air to the other rooms that you use most.

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