Why Now Is The Best Time For Home Humidifiers

Did you know that nasal congestion is caused low humidity and is harmful to your eyes, skin, and respiratory system? The healthy humidity range falls from 40% to 60%. Low humidity is just as dangerous as high humidity hence the need to keep it around the healthy levels. Home humidifiers play the vital role of keeping your home conditions checked. At McFarland, we provide home cooling and heating services in Granite City, IL. We are carrier factory authorized dealer.

Effects of Low Humidity
Low humidity is mostly experienced during winter. The indoor air quality becomes dry. The cold air carrying less moisture finds its way into the house where it becomes heated lowering amounts of humidity inside. The low humidity irritates the eyes because it causes a drying effect. The skin also becomes itchy and flaky while the mucous membrane dries increasing the risk of developing infections such cold and flu among many others.

Roles of Humidifiers
It is indisputable that during winter, a quality home humidifier is a necessity. During this season, naturally indoor air quality is dry, and home heating system aggravates it. If not well managed, you and your family will continually feel thirsty. Sooner or later you start developing cotton mouth condition. You may also experience coughing, especially when you wake up in the morning.

Conditions Worsened by Low Humidity
Without a home humidifier, people living with eczema, allergies, and asthma find difficulty during fall and winter. The allergens reduce outside but increase indoors. The modifier brings relief by bringing in warm or cold moisture inside your home. They can be placed in the bedroom and living room and regulated to maintain the healthy humidity levels.

Types of Humidifiers
There are three types of humidifiers depending on how they add moisture to indoor air quality. The cool mist humidifiers increase house humidity by merely dispersing mist at room temperature. On the other hand, warm mist humidifiers release moisture into your home by heating water. Ultrasound humidifiers are known to be quiet capable of releasing cool and warm moisture.

Benefits of Home Humidifiers
•    Requires low maintenance
•    Environmentally friendly solution to low or high humidity
•    Low electricity consumption
•    Protects your wooden furniture, floors and paint from damage.

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