Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

On a cold winter day, the last thing you want to deal with is a furnace that doesn’t produce hot air. This issue could require just a minor fix, or it could be something more major that a professional will need to repair. Here are some reasons your furnace could be blowing cold air.

The Filter Needs Replacing

Dirty and clogged filters can cause severe problems, such as a cracked heat exchanger. Thankfully, a fail-safe mechanism could shut off the heat exchanger before any cracks occur. Once the part is turned off, the furnace won’t blow hot air. For filter replacements, part repairs, and other solutions, McFarland Indoor Comfort Services can assist residents of Madison and St. Clair.

Changes to the Thermostat

The weather outside is freezing, but someone changed the thermostat setting to “cool” or “fan.” Accidents do happen. Changing the setting to “on” could lead to the fan spinning and circulating air, but the heat-generating burners are off. Now, you’re only getting cool air. Check the thermostat and see if the settings are right.

The Gas Line Isn’t Running

A furnace connects to your gas line. Ignited gas creates the flames that heat the air. Is the gas company performing repairs and shut off the line? If so, then the furnace won’t generate any hot air.

The Pilot Light Went Out

The pilot light ignites the gas running through the internal lines to the burners. If the pilot light goes out, then the gas doesn’t ignite, and you get no heat. Usually, re-lighting the pilot isn’t difficult, but only someone who can do the job safely should do it. If the pilot light keeps going out, calling a professional is unavoidable. Something is likely wrong with the system.

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