June 25, 2019

What Areas in Your Home Need More Ventilation?

Do you know all the major areas in your house that might require more ventilation? You may not be aware of certain spots in your residence that can develop issues such as mold and mildew when you don’t ventilate them well. Read on to learn where it’s best to install vents. Attics Need to Be Aired Out Attics are one of those spaces that can accumulate water. This is mainly the case if there are leaks in your roof. If you don’t go into your attic often enough, you may not see evidence of the water in your attic until there’s damage. In this instance, it’s important that you ventilate using such additions as a ridge vent, which covers gaps in the roof and releases air from the attic; a roof vent, which is a small metal box vent that sometimes has a fan; a gable vent, which fits near the roof’s peak; or a turbine vent, which pulls heat from the attic and is higher than the typical roof vent. Once you do this, you should see no more or only extremely minor issues. Foundations Require Ventilation Your foundation can develop problems with moisture too. The hidden moisture can...

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