September 15, 2019

What Are Swamp Coolers?

understands that not every home can use a traditional air conditioner to keep temperatures down during summer. A swamp cooler is a great option for homes without a central air conditioning system. They are inexpensive, energy-efficient, and don’t have any harmful refrigerants in them. They work especially well in dry climates and can keep indoor temperatures reasonable. Many homes are suitable for swamp coolers, especially in desert climates. How Swamp Coolers Work Swamp coolers use evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature in your home’s air. This is the same concept as putting a wet shirt on while running on a hot day to try to stay cool. Swamp coolers work by passing air through a wet filter. In the past, wet towels would be put up in front of fans or doorways where air was passing through. These were early versions of swamp coolers. When the hot dry air comes in contact with the wet surface, it cools down. Through this process, large amounts of heat can be extracted from the air in a room. Areas with low humidity are great candidates for swamp coolers. In humid environments, the air that passes through the wet filter is already wet and...

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