April 16, 2020

Problems Caused by an Oversized Air Conditioner

People often say that bigger is better. However, when it comes to air conditioners, bigger can be a problem. If you’ve got an oversized AC in your home or are thinking of buying one, then you’re bound to face a variety of problems, a few of which are listed below. High Energy Bills Your energy bills will be noticeably higher with an oversized AC, principally because an oversized AC cools very rapidly then shuts off. After it shuts off, your house will heat up once again, and the cycle will continue. This stop-start pattern is very inefficient and is like driving in heavy traffic, which burns more energy than driving long distances without frequent stops. High Humidity Your AC needs to be running in order to remove humidity from the air. If it’s constantly shutting down due to cooling too rapidly, then the unit won’t ever have enough time to deal with the humidity, which requires cycles of at least 20-30 minutes. Over time, this failure to remove the humidity from your home can result in the appearance of mold. Shortened Lifespan The frequent stop-starts are hard on your air conditioner, especially the compressor. Like most motors and engines, your...

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