January 7, 2020

Indoor Air Quality Tips For Homes With Pets

Many of us have family members that are pets. While you love your pet, there are times when the fur or feathers of our best animal friends wreak havoc with the air quality in our home. For some people this may be simply an annoying aspect of pet ownership and one that they are willing to put up with. For family members with a pet allergy, the problem may develop into something more serious. You’re Allergic to the Dander and Not your Dog or Cat What is pet dander? Dander is best described as tiny bits of skin that cling to fur and feathers. These microscopic particles float in the air of your home. For people with allergies, this can result in stuffy noses, runny eyes, and other respiratory symptoms. Filter the Air in your Home to Remove Pet Dander While you can vacuum and wipe down surfaces, the real task is to cleanse the air. To achieve this, it’s best to have an air purification system installed to improve air quality. The installation of a HEPA filter can filter out pet dander and remove existing pet odors too. Adding a HEPA filter to your HVAC system creates healthier air...

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