September 20, 2020

Do You Still Need to Maintain Your AC in the Fall?

After the scorching summer months, the arrival of fall could feel like a relief. The new season brings with it something else: reduced utility bills since the air conditioner won’t run excessively. However, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your air conditioning unit. Fall might even be the right time to get service performed. Taking a Small Step With an Outdoor Unit Fall can bring winds and rain, and those falling leaves and twigs might get caught up in the breeze. The same might be the case with other outdoor debris. Homeowners will want to avoid seeing their air conditioning unit clogged with dirt, leaves, and more. Placing a cover on an outside air conditioning unit provides a layer of protection. Be sure to tie the cover tight, as the wind could blow a loose one away. Dealing With the Dirty Filter Dirt and debris aren’t only found outside. Dirt, dust, and dander fly around the home. Thankfully, the air conditioner has a filter capable of catching debris. In time, the filter ends up so dirty it can’t do its job effectively. Changing the filter must become a top priority. Otherwise, performance problems and air quality issues may follow. Time...

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