August 16, 2021

Why Is My AC Creating So Much Humidity?

An effective air conditioner is a necessity for hot summers. However, humidity caused by AC units is a major problem for homeowners. Many people who purchase a cooling system expect humidity levels to naturally be controlled by the stabilizing of air temperature. But, many AC units simply can’t achieve this. An AC unit’s main function is to absorb heat from the indoors and transport it outside, naturally lowering the indoor air temperature. An air conditioner draws moisture from the air when it pulls thermal energy to its evaporator coils. Water that condenses around the coils because of this is ultimately pumped out through a drain upon being collected by the AC unit’s fan. In this way, the air conditioner actually acts as a dehumidifier. It’s usually when this process isn’t working correctly that humidity becomes a problem. Reasons Your AC’s Natural Dehumidification Process Might Be Malfunctioning The first thing to check when trying to determine why your air conditioning system is making your house so humid is whether or not the evaporator coils are frozen. If the coils are covered in frost, they not only can’t cool the air efficiently, but they also can’t dehumidify the air. This causes your...

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