October 20, 2022

Choosing the Best Heating System for Your Home

Boilers and furnaces are two of the most popular residential heating systems available. They both have many benefits that make it hard to choose the right one for your home. Learning more about these systems can help you choose the best home comfort system for your needs. Boilers vs. Furnaces Furnaces can use natural gas, electricity, oil, or propane to heat your home. They utilize a network of ductwork to transfer warm air to every room and floor. Boilers can use the same fuel types to create hot water. This water is then pushed through a venting system to heat the home before returning to the boiler to be heated again. Boilers can also be used alongside radiant heating systems, which are installed in your floors or walls. Boilers are typically quieter than furnaces and provide a more even and consistent heat. They won’t create hot and cold pockets that might affect your indoor comfort. Furnaces can have a direct impact on your indoor air quality if not carefully monitored. Boilers won’t circulate dust or other allergens that would otherwise set off your allergies. Both furnaces and boilers last on average about 15 to 20 years with annual maintenance. While...

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