December 20, 2021

Why Is There Rust on My Furnace?

Metal that is exposed to water may form rust. It’s natural. You’ve seen it tons of times. Now, though, you are starting to see rust form on your furnace. You may see rust on the components or on the cabinet of the furnace. If this strikes you as curious, that’s understandable. Your furnace doesn’t use water to provide heat the same way your boiler or another hydraulic system would. Why is it forming rust? Most importantly, if your furnace has rust, does this indicate you have a serious problem? Rust Is a Common Problem with Furnaces Just because you see rust forming on your furnace doesn’t mean that you need to throw the unit away or that is going to fail on you immediately. Rust is the result of water mixing with metal and oxygen. However, if rust develops on your heat exchanger, it can weaken the unit, leading to carbon monoxide leaks. Rust forms on your furnace because the combustion gases used interact with the metal of your furnace. If your furnace does not have a functioning ventilation system, rust occurs faster. Typically, when we see rust in a furnace, it’s because moisture from the outside has entered the...

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