December 13, 2023

4 Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Your Boiler

Boilers are one of the most essential and costly home appliances. They generate heating and hot water for your home quickly and efficiently, but they will need replacement at some point. Knowing how long a boiler typically lasts is essential to plan your expenses properly. We will be discussing the factors that affect the lifespan of your boiler. 1. Maintenance If you skip regular maintenance, such as annual service, your boiler may become less efficient, leading to frequent breakdowns and a shortened lifespan. Furthermore, keeping your boiler in optimal working condition throughout its lifespan is essential by scheduling professional maintenance services, such as cleaning the boiler and replacing worn-out parts. At , we offer heating repair, heating installation, heating maintenance, boilers and heat pump services in Granite City. 2. Quality of Water The water quality is another important determinant of how long the boiler can serve. High levels of minerals make the deposits form very fast, thus shortening the boiler’s life span. Water softener will help to prevent mineral deposits. However, the most appropriate approach should be a water quality check to confirm that your boiler is using the right water. 3. Installation Installing your boiler also plays a crucial...

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