Should I Keep My AC on Auto or On?

Should I Leave My AC on Auto or On

Auto and On Settings – Whats the Difference?

While for the most part, your AC unit is pretty self-explanatory it can difficult to understand the difference between setting your unit to “ON” and “AUTO”.  Both of these settings will force your AC to run, so what is the difference?  Setting your AC to AUTO means that the unit’s fan will run when the AC unit has turned on to reach the set temperature.  When AUTO is selected your unit will only turn on to circulate the cold air throughout your home or office.  Once the desired temperature is reached the fan will shut off.

Know the Costs

Selecting the ON function on your AC unit will keep the fan running constantly, regardless if the unit is actively cooling.  While on the surface this may seem like it is accomplishing the same goals, you could be wasting a great deal of energy.  Having the fan run all the time, even when there isn’t any cold air to circulate can cause your electric bill to spike.  Keeping the fan motor running constantly can also cause the fan motor and parts to wear out faster than normal.  When the fan is continually running the humidity in your home can increase since the AC is not able to regulate the humidity as well as it should.  Further, keeping the AC unit set to ON will make your air ducts leak more than normal.

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