Importance of Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality During the Summer

Most people spend a significant amount of time indoors during the summer season to escape the high temperatures outside. Although the interior setting may offer comfort, it can also expose residents to poor air quality. Between the various contaminants and pollutants, it can be challenging to breathe ease while spending time inside. Here are a few of the top reasons it’s crucial to maintain your indoor air quality in the summer.

1. Avoid Allergies

The summer season is often allergy season, as pollen is active in the environment. Outside air can get into buildings, creating an uncomfortable situation for allergy sufferers. With clean air in the building, it can help you to avoid sneezing, wheezing, and an increase in mucus production. You’ll feel more like yourself and prevent reactions to common allergens by replacing the air filter on your air conditioner and keeping the windows closed.

2. Maintain a Cleaner Interior Setting

The air quality in the home has a significant impact on the cleanliness of the interior setting. If dust and particles are present in the air and are circulating, then it will cause different surfaces in the building to become dirtier, which will require cleaning more. Cleaner air also means the bedding will need to be washed less often because less dirt will settle on the surfaces.

3. Improve Respiratory Issues

Many respiratory issues develop due to inflammation that occurs when the lungs are exposed to pollutants. Poor indoor air quality can harm the respiratory system, which can lead to asthma and infections. With cleaner air, there’s less of a risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even lung cancer.

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