How Do Temperatures Affect Productivity?

Wonder why so many employees are constantly making mistakes when the weather changes?

Adjust the Thermostat According to the Room Temperature

Common mistakes could be due to the office thermostat setting being set too high or too low. Many employers are at a loss when it comes to ineffective office productivity, and why some employees are making more errors and putting out less work. The temperature in an office setting has a lot to do with whether an employee can turn the company a profit, or cost the company a loss.

Studies show that when employees are comfortable, they produce more, and they maintain a positive workflow. However, when thermostat settings are not adjusted according to the room temperature, employees become irritated, frigidity,

Cooler Rooms on Hot Days – Warmers Rooms on Cooler Days Equal More Profits

Employers can control the office productivity of their workers by keeping the work environment at a comfortable temperature. Workers can perform their duties more effectively if they are working in a pleasant, comfortable surrounding. However, workplaces that provide too little or too much heat or air can expect poor work performance from its employees. Heating and cooling experts agree, that the idea indoor air temperature for any room is typically 71 degrees.

Sometimes adjusting the thermostat on the AC unit may be necessary as some days are warmer or cooler than others. Studies conducted by workplace surveys revealed that employees that worked in a cool, temperature controlled room, performed their duties with fewer errors, than employees who worked in uncomfortable indoor air temperatures.

Stick With an Indoor Air Temperature that Everyone Can Live With

Depending on the type of building and occupation most employees work and perform, the ideal temperature should be set between 68 to 76. Employers with so much invested in software, payroll outsourcing, and office equipment, want to ensure they are turning a profit and not losing money. For this reason, we recommend that employers that are interested in providing a comfortable work environment should maintain an office indoor air temperature in Edwardsville, IL of a temperature of 71 degrees. This temperature will ensure that everyone is comfortable and more apt to perform their duties without errors and interruptions.


If your AC unit is not working properly or needs to be repaired, contact a Heating specialist in Edwardsville, IL. Your business may not survive a heat loss. Remember to change your unit filters regularly and keep your workspace at 71 degrees.