How Do I Improve My Air Quality?

Considering that many of us spend some quality amount of time at home, we often overlook the quality of the air we inhale. We tend to think that pollution only occurs outside: ozone, gases from industries, smog from cars or burning substances.

The quality of the air we breathe can make us vulnerable to health conditions such as asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. Did you know that air conditioners are among the best ventilators? Windows, doors and HVAC systems greatly improve air quality. Below are some of the things to do to improve on air quality with an HVAC system:

1. Cleaning the System
Vacuum all your vents to get rid of debris, dander, and allergens. Clean up any dust that might be accumulating too close to the system, which can pose a threat to airflow. You can also clean the system to remove more debris by spraying it down using a garden hose.

This kind of cleaning is mainly seasonal and therefore you should have your ductwork done by a professional HVAC company.

2. Proper Ventilation
This is the main and most efficient way of improving air quality in your home. Opening doors and windows, running an air conditioner with vents or operating attic and window fans when the weather is good increases the rate of outdoor ventilation. An HVAC system in the kitchen and bathrooms remove contaminants directly from the room and improves outdoor ventilation. Advanced designs of HVAC systems are coming up that directly bring fresh outdoor air to the house. They include an energy saving heat recovery ventilators to moderate the cost of heating and cooling during various seasons.

3. Frequently change the air filter
The frequency of changing your air filter depends on the season and the amount of pet dander. The filter traps dander and allergens and may accumulate with time. Routine inspection helps you determine whether the filter can be cleaned or replaced to avoid your HVAC getting damaged and prevent these allergens from spreading through the filter.

4. Repair your HVAC system
Constant inspection of the air conditioner ensures you get quality air flow in your home. Just like any machine, an HVAC unit requires repair where necessary. A well running system will not just guarantee you fresh and quality air but will help save on energy consumption and breakdowns.

The air quality indoors is typically poor than outdoor air. Research by Johns Hopkins University found that pollution indoors is twice as inadequate as pollution outdoors and that it is the commonest cause of asthma in small children. We can avoid this by having a well-maintained HVAC system.

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